Медицинский факультет и Центр евразийского сотрудничества БГУ совместно с Германской службой академических обменов ДААД организуют Международную Медицинскую Летнюю школу для студентов, интернов, ординаторов: International Medicine Summer School for students of medicine "Integrative Medicine in Baikal Region", 01.08-18.08, 2014

Integrative Medicine in Baikal Region

Ulan-Ude City and Lake Baikal, Russia

August 01-18, 2014

About the program

Buryat State University offers a high quality academic program in medical studies, master classes on methods of oriental (Tibetian and Chinese) therapy accompanied by Russian language course and combined with diverse cultural program. The School is designed for German students of Medicine and aims to introduce the participants to the peculiarities of Integrative medicine which combines modern elaborations in the field of European academic medicine and so called "untraditional" or oriental (Tibetan, Indian, Chinese) treatment methods. The main peculiarity of integrative medicine is a complex approach to the treatment of a patient directed to a harmonization of his/her physical and psychical state. Among the oriental methods of treatment are applied only registered and security and efficiency checked natural medical products. The allow to increase the efficiency of the treatment, to avoid drug side effects and to lower the doses of chemical drugs.

The program furthermore provides the participants with understanding of a local life style, mixture of cultures and different religions and faiths (Buddhism, Orthodoxy, Shamanism, Old-Belivers). After the program completion students are awarded with certificates of participation issued by BSU.


The Program offers lectures about theoretical and clinical aspects of plant extracts, hyper-extensible materials, master classes in oriental therapy in treatment of widespread diseases in Buryatia; the total amount of academic hours held by Medical faculty of Buryat State University is 30. Supporting course of Russian language is delivered by instructors of Buryat State University, Chair of Foreign Languages and Eurasian Centre. Total number of contact hours is 50, classes are held on weekday mornings, 4-5 academic hours per day. In the afternoons is organized the attendance of different Buryat Hospitals and Clinics, where the integrative methods of treatment are used. Working languages of the School are English and German.

Extracurricular activities

Academic classes are accompanied by the diverse extracurricular activities. School participants are invited to take part in guided tours: Walking Tour in the City "The Old Ulan-Ude", trip to the village Tarbagatai "The Village of Old-Believers", trip to Ethnographic Museum of Baikalregion Folks, trip to Ivolginsk Buddhist Temple. The second part of the school will be organized in the summer camp of Buryat State University at the Baikal Lake "Maksimikha". Students will have an opportunity not only to relax at the Baikal Lake, but to make an acquaintance of oriental therapy methods in the field of acupuncture, herbal therapy, manual therapy etc.

Tentative program of the School could be found here.

Course fee:

35 000 RUB (academic and cultural program, pick-up service, visa support, 5-day master classes at Lake Baikal)


Application for ES is simple; just send the following documents via e-mail: dulganova@yandex.ru before April 01, 2014 (those applying for DAAD scholarship before April 01, 2014): Motivation letter, CV, academic transcript, completed application form, international passport copy for visa support letter.

Funding opportunities:

Limited number of DAAD scholarships is available for German students (for more information refer to goeast.daad.de).

Accommodation options (subject to availability):

  • BSU student hostel (single and double rooms within shared two-room flats with a bathroom; kitchen on the floor; residents are provided with bed-linen and basic utensils; as a standard Russian student hostel it is closed from 11 p. m. till 6 a. m.);
  • Homestay (incl. breakfast);
  • Others (Ulan-Ude hostels, hotels etc.).


Buryat State University, Eurasian Centre

Phone: +7 3012 211798

Fax: +7 3012 210588

E-mail: dulganova@yandex.ru